Fever Relief Fund Foundation

Mission Statement

The Fever Relief Fund (FRF) provides educational and athletic programs geared towards nurturing excellence, building essential values and developing leadership potential among the youth in developing countries.


Our goal is to increase active participation in sports and extra-curricular educational activities among young people, especially those who are endowed with abilities but who may lack resources. FRF is committed to responsible giving and social investment in developing countries such as Ghana where young people are often saddled with the responsibility of working petty jobs to supplement their parents’ income, or simply turn to crime. FRF will hence work to reduce the financial burdens facing the youth as they progress within their chosen sport, recreational activities and educational /professional goals.

By providing after-school and other community-based athletic and educational programs, FRF provides appropriate ways to build character and skills among the future leaders of the developing world, while still allowing kids to be kids. Data shows that for young people, participation in sports and other hobbies plays an important role of increasing self-esteem and self-worth. In this way, the youth gain a chance to be inspired and motivated within their communities and are able to set goals and take responsibility for their own lives and for their communities.

Programs and Services

  • Group and one-on-one tutoring and counseling services offered after-school with affiliate institutions and within low-income communities.
  • Soccer, basketball, track & field and tennis coaching and tournaments
  • Arts and craft coaching (includes dance, the fine arts, local crafts etc.)
  • Big brother / big sister matching of underprivileged youth with volunteer mentors (Reduces isolation and provides positive role models, parent-like interaction and crisis prevention)
  • We want to work side by side with the Ghanaian Government as well as giving them a sense of pride, responsibility, and accountability in the development of these rural villages.
  • Educating Children and adults in local schools, literacy classes and preschool programs.  Offering vocational training to youth so that they would be able to provide for themselves and their families in the future
  • Feeding the hungry individually as they come asking for help and through large food distribution events.Image


Fever Relief Fund exists to come alongside the Ghana’s poorest individuals and families to address local needs through a unique holistic approach to community development.  This approach promotes and encourages self-reliance, self-esteem and creative, integrated solutions to systemic community needs. Our new journey is bold.  It is sparked by the potential of the nonprofit sector to deliver 
even greater impact, and is fueled by our own desire for sustained impact and growth.  Our ambition is simple, we will create the most effective nonprofit sector in the country, and we will create the most effective center for nonprofit performance and innovation in the country. Ultimately, our journey will be propelled by people with vision and talent, who have a burning desire to excel and who value nonprofits as essential to who we are as a society.

 Fever Relief Fund was established to inspire and motivate youth to become involved in community activities, set goals and take responsibility for their own lives and neighborhood. For individuals with special needs, participation in sports not only increases their self-esteem and shows them a healthy lifestyle but also increases their sense of self worth. Youth are encouraged to explore their interests and career aspirations.

Fever Relief Fund offers tutoring, after school and counseling activities in groups and personal sessions. We are also striving to continue building up our Community Outreach Program reducing isolation and providing positive role models parental interaction skills and crisis intervention will be the primary tools used to achieve success in their lives. Lastly, by providing professional and emotional support, through our programs we hope to build trust and confidence in our youth participants. We also recognize that the foundation of successful leadership comes from effectively creating, nurturing and channeling relationships toward shared goals.